Wednesday 25 March 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* AWS: Operationalising AI/ML

imageHow is Amazon Web Services (AWS) helping with the challenges end user organisations face when moving AI/ML-backed projects into production across the enterprise, to deliver the type of substantive, transformational business change expected?

Download AWS: Operationalising AI/ML for insight into its three layer approach and areas of focus; and how they compare to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

A layered approach catering to different user communities is common across all three suppliers but there are differences in emphasis, with AWS proactive in areas such as ‘applied’ services and tooling for production environments. 

There is more than customer adoption at stake when it comes to AI/ML; this technology area opens the door to deeper business-level conversations with the C-suite, which is one of the reasons there is so much to play for. A comparison of the Microsoft and Google Cloud approaches is available in the companion Microsoft and Google Cloud: Operationalising AI/ML report.

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