Tuesday 21 April 2020

*UKHotViewsExtra* Tackling COVID-19: the acceptable face of data repurposing?

Covid-19 imageData is central to understanding COVID-19, the measures and timing to tackle it, and how effective they are. In pursuit of these objectives, tech is there front and centre, including an emerging new role for tech and data able to provide insights into the spread of the coronavirus and related behavioural change across populations, aided by the use of AI/Machine Learning.

UKHV Premium logoTackling COVID-19: the acceptable face of data repurposing? explores the use of wearables and mapping technology, and their role in supporting decision making for COVID-19 mitigation. They also raise thorny questions around privacy and the ethics of repurposing data, even in a ‘data for good’ context.

All TechMarketView corporate clients and individual UKHotViews Premium subscribers, can read the analysis here. If you’re not a client and would like details about our services, Deb Seth will be happy to help.

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