Thursday 30 April 2020

*UKHotViewsExtra* Capita Scaling Partner and a “Distributed” approach to outsourcing development

CapitaWe have been following the progress of Capita’s scale-up development unit Capita Scaling Partner (CSP) for the last couple of years (see here and work back) and we caught up recently to discuss its latest venture with co-founder John Downes, as well as Callum Adamson the CEO of new CSP partner - DistributedDistributed

CSP has become a minority shareholder in “future of work” player Distributed, and we wanted to understand the rationale behind the deal and get a feel for what we can expect to see from the new partnership.

Distributed is a London-headquartered start-up that offers a distributed workforce of qualified and vetted freelance coders and developers for organisations to deploy on their digital projects. Distributed’s USP is that it provides a platform designed to make this distributed workforce really collegiate, working together and acting as a genuine team via a strong staff engagement model. This is currently delivering staff Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the 90s, with 98% on time delivery for software development and client NPS scores well into high 80s. All very impressive stuff.

Addressing a lack of skills

Distributed is addressing a very real and pressing need within the digital skills market. As we have said many times before, pretty much every firm now is to a greater or lesser extent a “tech business”, all competing for the same relatively small pool of digital talent. This lack of skills has driven up salaries and time to hire and on the whole, driven down quality as talent gets increasingly spread thin and wide. As a consequence, many clients are unable to deliver digital projects to quality and cost.

Cal AdamsonCo-founder and CEO Callum Adamson experienced this first-hand working at a number of start-ups early on in his career. Having seen the success with which infrastructure was taken into the cloud he was interested to see if the same could be done with development teams and associated talent. He noticed a growing cohort of developers and coders who craved a more flexible way of working and the ability to control their own careers; these individuals wanted to ensure that they could choose who they worked with, when they worked and where they were based……read more here

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