Friday 02 July 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra* Developments in Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence imageArtificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence – what’s the difference and why does it matter? The bottom line is that on a technical basis there is little between the two -  the meaningful difference lies in intent and usage. This is what will help drive further adoption of both types of 'intelligence', especially now that the 'future of work' discussions that are already high on the agenda are garnering even more attention with the prospective removal of most COVID restrictions on 19 July 2021.

The role of Augmented Intelligence, also known as intelligence amplification (IA) or cognitive augmentation, is specifically to work with and amplify human intelligence, enabling humans to make use of the deluge of data we’re generating. Rather than being designed to operate independently or replace humans, its remit is to complement and enhance human intelligence and knowledge. 

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