Wednesday 12 January 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* Building Resilience: Predictions Compendium 2022

Today TechMarketView launches its Predictions Compendium, a collection of Predictions from our team of analysts as 2022 gets underway.

The report includes key Predictions from our Publiccomp Sector and Financial Services specialists looking at what this year might bring and possible impacts for buyers and suppliers. The Compendium also includes our Top Ten Predictions for the Software and IT services market more broadly covering topics such as governance, AI and automation adoption, the impact of the sustainability imperative on ecosystems, and augmented Intelligence.

TechMarketView’s Research Theme for 2022 is Building Resilience. Resiliency has many aspects, and our theme reflects the need to prepare not only for low-probability, high-impact events (such as a pandemic) but for day-to-day operations as well. Both the Government and businesses must take account of a diverse range of threats (from cyber-attacks to climate change) and challenges (from economic to financial and skills shortages) and consider how best to respond.

Over the course of 2022, we expect this increased focus on resilience - and the need to persist, adapt, and transform - to result in an increased reliance on technology in decision making, in the design of new offerings, in the delivery of goods and services, and in internal and external communications. We also expect to see the desire to increase resilience to result in an enduring interest in social value creation - from environmental sustainability, through to diversity & inclusion initiatives. As such, Software and IT Services will find themselves at the heart of ensuring organisations are fit for the future.

The Predictions Compendium is accessible to every TechMarketView subscriber.

Read it here: TechMarketView Predictions Compendium 2022.

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