Tuesday 25 January 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* Education SITS: Market & Suppliers 2021-2024

Education report coverTechMarketView’s UK Education Software & IT Services: Suppliers, Trends & Forecasts 2021-2024 report is the last of our six deep-dive reports providing TechMarketView’s UK public sector SITS subsector analysis from a market and supplier perspective.

The report accompanies the UK Public Sector Software & IT Services: Suppliers, Trends & Forecasts 2021-2024 report, which provides a sector overview, and follows the recently published reports on the Central Government, Defence, Local & Regional Government, Health, and Police SITS markets.

Within the Education report you will find TechMarketView’s Top 10 SITS supplier rankings for this part of the public sector in 2020. You will also find our analysis of suppliers that are just below the Top 10, as well as our 'Ones to Watch'; suppliers that are worthy of mention due to some interesting moves and/or an increasingly significant footprint.

The subsector was heavily impacted by the pandemic, with institutions across primary, secondary, further and higher education being closed or having severely restricted site access. Exams were cancelled, establishments faced a loss of income from catering, executive education, venue hire etc., leading to delays in IT projects and a decline in the size of the market in 2020.

As we have seen throughout the public sector, the need to operate remotely and build resilience for the future has increased the demand for cloud services in Education. This will facilitate greater innovation and experimentation in the subsector and allow education institutions to move at a pace and level of flexibility that would have seemed impossible prior to the pandemic. This will help to drive the market back to growth as we move through the forecast period to 2024.

In this report we look at some of the technology trends in the Education SITS market, including the developing interest in smart campus initiatives; the growing cyber threat; how regulation will drive digital demand; the challenge of quantifying and articulating social value; and how suppliers are chipping away at the MIS monopoly in schools.

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