Wednesday 02 November 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* UK BPS Operations Market Trends & Forecasts

The 2022 version of the UK SITS BPS Operations Market Trends & Forecasts report is now available to download.

BPS market trends and forecastsThe labour and skills ‘pinch’, has become a driver for outsourcing at a time when many organisations are reexamining their operating models, looking to invest in digital transformation initiatives. The use of third parties remains critical to driving through such change and the most digitally able BPS providers have certainly benefited. Changing working patterns and increased use of data, analytics and automation as operations look to become both more intelligent and resilient, have also benefited BPS providers.

Demand for BPS services is being further stimulated by a range of new and enhanced offerings with an increasing shift towards revenue enhancement services and a greater focus on customer services and digital marketing. A new generation of BPS services is expanding supplier offerings into areas such as drones, social media monitoring, location services and content curation. BPS now touches far more than just HR and Finance and Accounting. This in turn requires providers to have capability across a greater range of digital experience-led technologies and integration services.

However, many clients remain financially challenged and risk adverse, cautious of inadvertently backing the ‘wrong horse’ when it comes to transformational pathways. Some industries such as travel, and hospitality remain in ‘intensive care’ and lack the resources for significant levels of investment. Wage inflation and labour attrition also offer cost pressures that will threaten both margins and efficiency gains.

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