Monday 01 July 2019

Share Indices for June 19

HVPJune 19 was a yet another excellent month if you are an investor in tech. NASDAQ was up 6.6% - making it a 20.5% gain YTD at the halfway point. The FTSE IT Index was up 4.2% in June - up a massive 34.2% YTD. But it was a ‘game of two halves’ with the FTSE SCS Index (the one that most closely maps the UK listed companies we track in HotViews) up 4.9% in June and up 35.2% YTD. But the FTSE Hardware Index was down 9% in June (still up 13.9% YTD) This was a direct result of the Huawei debacle.

The outlook? ‘Unpredictable’ seems to be the word of the month and year.

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Posted by Richard Holway at '17:14'

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