Friday 26 July 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Business Process Services Supplier Ranking 2019

BPS supplier ranking 2019For the most comprehensive understanding of the UK’s Business Process Services (BPS) supplier landscape, read UK BPS Supplier Ranking 2019.

This report contains the Top 20 UK supplier ranking (by revenue) for the UK BPS market.

The UK BPS market continued to go through a period of significant disruption and change in 2018, reflected in the variety of performance and movement within the Top 20 suppliers to the market by revenue.

Brexit uncertainty continues to dampen market confidence, no more so than in the public sector, already suffering from a Carillion based lack of trust. Whilst the private sector remains more active, investment decisions are still often delayed and confidence in some areas remains low. 

Given the lack of certainty and market confidence, renewals and extensions have become increasingly common. As a consequence, client engagement and relationship management have never been more important.

Digital transformation continues to drive the market forward. End users have increasingly undertaken simple digital change - ad hoc, point and predominantly front-end solutions - resulting in digital chaos and a BPS environment that needs to be put in order. These complex and varied arrangements are driving demand for change management and consulting-based services. 

The flipside is that difficulty in dealing with a complex environment drives caution and risk aversion, which can of course manifest in delays and cancellations. Either way, BPS providers are having to get to grips with disrupting themselves, both culture and behaviour before they can truly deliver for their clients.

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