Monday 15 July 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Containers and security in the cloud

Containers and security in the cloudSoftware containers are being widely deployed by organisations that need more agile and responsive development processes for applications and services to accelerate time to market with new digital products.

Doubts regarding their security remain however, especially when compared to other technologies supporting cloud workloads such as virtual machines (VMs).

Nor are all containers created equal when it comes to security provision, with various grades of protection often available to meet specific requirements. This report - Containers and security in the cloud - analyses what the major container platform developers and cloud providers offering container services are doing to minimise the vulnerabilities inherent to containerised systems and data.

Suppliers cover in this report include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Docker, Canonical and VMware.

Subscribers to SecureConnectViews can access our report Containers and security in the cloud here. If you are not currently a subscriber to SecureConnectViews and would like access, please contact Deb Seth for further information.

Posted by Martin Courtney at '09:11' - Tagged: cloud   cyber   containers   Kubernetes   Docker