Friday 22 November 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* Capita’s transformation programme in practice – Security Watchdog

Security WatchdogCapita is now more than 18 months into its transformation programme and this article is the first in a two-part series exploring what that actually looks like in practice ‘on-the-ground’ within the business, using two very different parts of Capita to illustrate how things are changing. 

CapitaThis first case study looks at the changes occurring within one of its lesser known acquisitions - Security Watchdog – a formerly family-run business originally acquired back in 2012. In the second instalment, published later this month we will look at the development of Capita’s new Consulting business and what this might mean for the wider business.

Security Watchdog - A family affair

Security Watchdog specialises in pre-employment screening helping would be employers mitigate the risks associated with new hires through services like background checks and enhanced vetting, both here in the UK and overseas. 

The business was originally established by sister and brother team Susie Thomson and Steve O'Neil alongside their father back in 1998, very much at the vanguard of what is now the pre-employment screening industry. This included developing services such as employee background checks, going on to work with the then Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to help develop the eBulk software that now drives the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking system.

O'Neil and Thomson went on to sell out to Capita in 2012 and unusually have opted not to have “taken the money and run” but have stayed and grown their business under its wing with headcount having now grown from just three at the start to 300 people. 

Becoming tech-enabled

Capita’s new strategy includes a focus is on tech-enabled services and this is exemplified in the direction of travel seen at Security Watchdog – what was previously a manual and labour-intensive activity is increasingly becoming a tech-led solution. 

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