Thursday 28 November 2019

Google Next: privacy, control and explainability

logoAs you’d expect, the London Google Next event was rich on new products and capabilities but what was notable was the determination to lift the conversation from technology nuts and bolts to strategy and business concerns, which continues the refrain CEO Thomas Kurian has established during his 12 months with the company. 

On the capability front there was plenty on security and data management (with specifics for European customers, plus provision for customers to have more direct control over their data held in the cloud). Infrastructure and application modernisation and cloud migration came with strong hybrid, multi cloud and container flavours, with high profile Anthos playing a staring role. G Suite is set to get smarter with assistive technology such as Smart Compose (e.g. using AI/ML to suggest complete sentences as you type). In the Smart Analytics area Explainable AI was the highlight. More…

Posted by Angela Eager at '10:17' - Tagged: cloud   security   infrastructure   AI   machinelearning