Tuesday 09 February 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2021

Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2021 report coverOne clear demand signal suppliers need to keep front of mind is that technology is the way enterprises will navigate COVID consequences. Using that as a guide, both suppliers and enterprises will be better placed to steer a course through the peaks and troughs as health and economies move through their recovery phases and confidence returns.

That is also one of the key messages from the 2021 edition of the Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects report, newly published today. 

The report includes an overview of market size and forecasts and explores the factors that will help or hinder suppliers of Enterprise Software to the UK market during 2021. The core of the report are profiles of the Top 10 UK Enterprise Software suppliers, from top ranked Microsoft to lessor known financial services specialist ION Group and a diverse group in between, analysing the key things that what will impact their performance during 2021 and what will be needed to maximise performance in the mid-term and beyond. 

There are obvious prerequisites for success such as taking the SaaS restraints off and committing to speed and simplicity but the report also identifies new solution areas, software areas where activity has suddenly ramped up and how and where supplier behaviour has to adapt.

TechMarketView subscribers can access the report here. If you don’t currently have a subscription, you can contact Deb Seth who can provide details of how to access our services.

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