Monday 08 February 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Cyber Security Market Trends and Forecasts to 2023

* NEW RESEARCH * Cyber Security Market Trends and Forecasts to 2023In the ancient Greek language, one definition of Chaos is a void state preceding the creation of the universe – a gap created between the separation of heaven and earth which laid the foundation for the construction of a new world.

A return to ground zero may be surplus to requirements for cyber security given how well some suppliers managed to maintain and even expand their business during the Digital Chaos precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst lockdown restrictions inevitably impacted enterprise spending patterns, we think most suppliers fared pretty well compared to their counterparts in other segments of the IT industry and should maintain comparatively steady revenue streams as the economy stabilises.

But equally there is no doubt that the dynamic cyber threat landscape and pantheon of rapidly changing customer requirements in 2021 and beyond are likely to present commercial challenges significantly different to what they were at the beginning of 2020. The key to suppliers’ success going forward is how quickly and capably they can alter their portfolios and delivery models whilst continuing to occupy and fill the space between those two convergent entities.

Our latest Cyber Security Market Trends and Forecasts to 2023 report contains TechMarketView’s latest market size and forecast data alongside an analysis of the trends shaping the UK cyber enterprise security hardware, software and services market.

Subscribers to TechSectorViews can download the Cyber Security Market Trends and Forecasts to 2023 report by clicking this link. If you are not currently a TechSectorViews subscriber and would like to gain access the report please contact Deb Seth.

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