Sunday 28 February 2021

Share performance in Feb 21

A quick glance at the Share Indices for Feb 21 might lead you to believe that nothing much happened in the month. Afterall a mere 0.7% rise in the NASDAQ is nothing special. Same applies to all the other indices we follow.

SharesBut the real ‘excitement’ all took place in the last few days. Indeed NASDAQ slumped 4.8% in the last week of Feb. Don’t be too despondent. NASDAQ is still up 3.1% YTD and up an astonishing 85% since its low in Mar 20.

With the vaccine roll out going great guns (I’ve had mine and my ‘young’ wife gets hers next week) there ought to be Reasons to the Cheerful aplenty. Indeed many predict the Roaring Twenties once lockdown is lifted which now looks increasingly likely by the summer or autumn.

But the main recipients of this are likely to be the very companies so hard hit by C-19 to-date. Tech (big and small) might well have to stand in the wings for now. But every part of the economy has seen digital transformation at a pace never witnessed before. I just can’t see that being undone. It’s just that the peak growth has probably passed HVPand over exuberant expectations for the coming year or so might be just that – over exuberant!

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Posted by Richard Holway at '16:59'