Tuesday 09 February 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Solutions Supplier Prospects 2021

Solutions Supplier ProspectsTaking a step back to what we saw going on in the wider UK SITS market before Covid-19 struck, we settled on a research theme of “Digital Chaos”. This was designed to reflect the fact that whilst there had been plenty of progress in digital transformation activities, in the main it remained fairly immature and was often disjointed. Within this market landscape Solutions has experienced some pretty strong growth over recent years and now represents just over one-fifth of total demand for UK SITS and is the second largest area of spend after Operations.

Then of course came Covid-19 and the wave of unprecedented change that followed. This has inevitably had a profound effect on the demand for SITS Solutions. Many decisions were subsequently driven by “the now” and by the enacting of Business Continuity Plans, as organisations looked to solve a wide range of immediate problems. It’s becoming very clear that technology is playing an extremely significant part of what the “New Normal” ends up looking like. This will of course have a significant effect of the short, medium- and long-term future of the Solutions marketplace.

Our latest Solutions Supplier Prospects 2021 report looks at the Top Ten leading players (by revenue) in the UK SITS Solutions market, and assess what they will need to do to be successful now and beyond. We also provide our analysis of the potential hurdles that will prevent suppliers reaching their potential in the short and mid-term.

Subscribers to TechSectorViews can download the Solutions Supplier Prospects 2021 report by clicking this link. If you are not currently a TechSectorViews subscriber and would like to gain access the report, please contact Deb Seth.

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