Tuesday 12 July 2022

*NEW Rankings* Who’s where, who’s up, and who’s down?

Out now is TechMarketView’s latest UK SITS Ranking 2022 report. Based on in-depth analysis – and applying TechMarketView’s unique understanding of the UK’s competitive scene – UK SITS Ranking 2022 covers a wide range of players from around the world. From hyperscalers to heritage-resellers, and SaaS providers to management consultancies and system integrators, TechMarketView’s supplier analysis is both deep and broad. rank

The report shows that TCS has retained its position as the largest provider to the UK market. The Mumbai-headquartered firm displaced Capita from its long-held top spot last year and has since managed to hold off the wave of fast-growing competitors. At almost £3bn, TCS is large as well as fast-growing. However, all the UK’s top five largest SITS providers can also boast revenues of over £2bn and double-digit growth – with the exception of Capita, which grew 3.1%.

UK SITS Ranking 2022 shows the hyperscalers are now a very firm fixture of the leading set of players, with both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft chasing hot on the heels of TCS. Indeed, it is possible TCS will lose its top spot as soon as next year to one of them.

The Top 30 SITS vendors as a group generated UK revenue of c.£39bn during 2021, reflecting growth of 10.5%. Meanwhile, the median growth rate for the Top 30 vendors represents a combined revenue increase of 10.15%. The figure illustrates a marked improvement in fortunes compared to the prior year when the median growth rate was just 0.4%.

Subscribers to TechMarketView’s Foundation Service can download the complete report here: UK SITS Ranking 2022. Read more about its sister report, Market Trends & Forecasts, here: SITS market reaches historic highs.

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