Friday 29 July 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* Public Sector Software and IT Services Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts 2022-25

Report Cover ImageThis year’s UK Public Sector Software and IT Services (SITS) Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts report is now available. It serves as an introduction to the market and will be followed by a series of six reports (one for each of the public sector subsegments we track) providing an overview of the market size, forecast and key suppliers in those areas. Later in the year we will be publishing in-depth analysis of the key trends likely to impact these six subsectors and their SITS suppliers between now and 2025. 

Today's report consolidates TechMarketView’s analysis of the UK public sector SITS market in 2021. The market grew strongly as digital transformation momentum that built up during the COVID-19 pandemic endured and tactical spend began to translate into strategic action. We forecast that the public sector SITS market will grow each year throughout the 2022-25 period, albeit not as strongly as it grew in 2021.

The report also contains an update to our UK public sector SITS Top 20 supplier rankings based on the latest available financial information (as at end of June 2022). Top 20 rankings for central government and Top 10 rankings for each of the remaining subsectors (local & regional government, health, education, police and defence) are also provided.

PublicSectorViews’ subscribers can find out the size of the public sector market, its growth forecast, and who the leading suppliers are by downloading the research today. Keep an eye open for reports on central government, local & regional government, health, education, police and defence, which will be available shortly. If you are not yet a subscriber, or are unsure if your company has a subscription, please contact Deb Seth to find out how you can access the research.

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