Thursday 06 October 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* UK SITS Consulting Market Trends & Forecasts 2022

The 2022 version of the UK SITS Consulting Market Trends & Forecasts report is now available to download. Containing our latest market size and forecast data, along with insight into market dynamics and the key trends shaping the market, plus analysis of the challenges facing suppliers and recommendations for how to move forward,Cover it is vital reading for suppliers operating in the UK.

2021 saw a surge in demand for SITS Consulting services. The market acceleration which began following the initial COVID lockdown gathered momentum during the succeeding months driving sales of these offerings in the UK up by some 13% year over year. As the macro-situation both domestically and internationally continues to worsen, however, we expect buyers to trim back on their investment ambitions and with it their expenditure on advisory support.

Despite the onset of more difficult economic times, the needs are undiminished for SITS consultancies to play pivotal roles in the reinvention process of their clients as they strive to become to become truly insightful, interactive, real-time, adaptive, event & outcome driven and trusted. With customer expectations for speed to value continue to increase, however, successful suppliers must re-orient themselves around simultaneously delivering both accelerated change and immediate impact, while better future-proofing the organisations they serve.

If you are a subscriber to TechSectorViews click here to download the UK SITS Consulting Market Trends and Forecast 2022 report. If you don’t have a subscription and would like to gain access the report and our other research and services please contact Deb Seth.

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