Thursday 01 March 2018

**NEW RESEARCH** Will Machine Intelligence Open Enterprise Doors to AWS and Google?

imageAmong the traditional supplier community AWS is one of the companies that keeps execs awake at night. From an end user enterprise perspective, it is one of the companies CIOs are leaning towards. As for AWS itself, it is looking to increase its footprint within large enterprises and secure a greater share of wallet. One of its execution strategies is to use machine intelligence (machine learning and AI). Google is also looking to machine intelligence to attract larger enterprise customers and improve its standing within them.

With their machine intelligence infused ambitions both hyperscale cloud providers are looking to break boundaries so in the latest report from the ESASViews research stream ‘Will Machine Intelligence Open Enterprise Doors for AWS and Google?’ we look at how this is impacting their services, partnerships and customer relationships.

Simply having machine intelligence capability is not a guarantee of future success but we can be fairly confident that those who don’t will lose out competitively to those who do. Running alongside that we have a situation where despite rising need, relevant skills are scarce in the market. AWS and Google’s response is to make technologies readily available and accessible, and address the skills issue by providing ‘as-a-Service’ pre-configured and guided solutions. While providing a pathway for customers, it also helps the cloud suppliers as they become gravitational force for machine learning experts and organisations looking to use the technologies for business improvement. That’s a potentially powerful position.

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