Friday 09 March 2018

**RESEARCH**: Q&A with Sage UK MD Alan Laing

logoSMEs play such an important part in the UK economy and its overall prosperity: at the start of 2016 they represented over 99% of UK businesses. That’s 5.5m companies with a combined annual turnover of £1.8tn according to the Nesta foundation/Sage Group report ‘The State of Small Business’. And they provided 60% of total UK private sector employment. Furthermore, as a group they punch above their weight when it comes to private sector job creation having created 73% of new private sector jobs since 2010 despite accounting for just 60% of private sector employment.

pictureAs a software provider who has long championed the SME community, Sage Group understands their needs and challenges and is also able to represent the position of UK businesses in dialog with UK government. A FTSE 100 organisation and one of the UK’s largest technology companies, it is also an influential tech sector participant. With that background in mind, we spoke to Alan Laing, MD of Sage UK & Ireland, to get his views on Sage’s progress as it continues to adjust to changing market conditions and technology developments, acts as a conduit between government and SMEs, addresses the productivity challenge and works on key partnerships.

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