Tuesday 13 March 2018

**NEW RESEARCH** Analysing the threats and opportunities from AWS and Google's Machine Learning/AI initiatives

imageHave you seen our latest report on machine intelligence and AI: ‘Will Machine Intelligence Open Enterprise Doors for Amazon Web Services and Google?’ Make sure you download it here.

As AWS and Google look to exploit machine learning and AI and to increase their appeal to enterprise organisations, their activities have a direct impact on the business of traditional software & application services providers. With accessible cloud compute and storage services plus ownership of high value, high volume training data sets, the two have clear advantages when it comes to the provision of these demanding techniques directly to enterprises. Those advantages position them to take hold of budgets that would have automatically gone to traditional suppliers.

It is not a one way street however because the duo lack the industry and business process knowledge CIOs are looking for from their technology providers. And these are precisely the capabilities many of the established providers can provide. Add in the shortage of ML and AI skills in the overall market and the technology-and-services decision matrix quickly becomes complex.

These advanced technologies do open up opportunities for both software & application service providers as well as AWS and Google – provided all parties can agree terms. One thing is very clear: enterprise CIOs and software & application services providers need to understand the AWS and Google propositions, which makes the Will Machine Intelligence Open Enterprise Doors for Amazon Web Services and Google?’ report essential reading.

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