Wednesday 14 March 2018

Great British Scaleup: Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog LabHedgehog Lab is a Newcastle based mobile-focused tech consultancy with international growth ambitions. Originally founded by current CEO Sarat Pediredla and Chief Product Officer Mark Forster the company now employs 120 people with offices located in the UK, US, India and Denmark.

GBSHaving worked as developers in other agencies for a number of years Pediredla and Forster took the opportunity to build a company centred around software developers. Originally founded in 2007 as a web agency, Hedgehog Lab pivoted in 2011 to focus on developing multi-platform software for Mobile, Web, VR, AR, Wearables, Connected Platforms and IoT.

Hedgehog serves the market need for a small / mid-size technology consultancy that has a combination of strategy, design and technology skills across different platforms. It exploits the fact that many IT companies lack strong design capabilities and that most strategy companies lack the necessary engineering skills, particularly around mobile product development. ​

With PE investment from Maven Capital Partners​ now on-board Hedgehog Lab is focusing on differentiating itself by investing in those tech skills that are currently hard to find. Hedgehog got into mobile apps early and has now invested heavily in VR and in establishing an AI practise. ​

It currently primarily delivers project-based services to a client list that includes the likes of Thales, The Financial Times, Channel 4, Mitsubishi and Microsoft HoloLens and has recently started delivering resource augmentation and outsourced product development as it looks to scale the operation. For many customers Hedgehog Lab’s value is in accelerating product development cycles without having to invest heavily in in-house mobile and digital teams and we look forward to following its scale-up journey as it focuses on landing larger enterprise deals.

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