Wednesday 07 March 2018

*NEW RESEARCH * Understanding the Legacy Issues facing Banks

legacyIn FinancialServicesViews we have written long and often about how banks need to address their legacy issues urgently if they are to remain competitive against agile, cloud-native digital businesses and to meet ever-increasing customer expectations. The resulting Bank transformation programmes have multi-billion dollar budgets (see for example Lloyds Banking Group to spend an extra £3bn on IT), and much of this spend will be directed at third-party Software and IT Services providers.

As we highlighted in our recent Financial Services Market Trends and Forecasts report, there is an unprecedented period of opportunity for SITS providers. However, we believe that a critical success factor for vendors to win a share of the banks’ expenditure will be the ability to demonstrate an understanding of the wide range of interconnected and complex legacy issues.

But what exactly are these legacy issues, how did they arise and specifically what sort of opportunities do they provide for vendors? To answer these questions and more, FinancialServicesViews clients can access our new report Understanding the Legacy Issues facing Banks” here.

If you are interested in buying this fascinating report on a one-off basis, please follow this link.

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