Thursday 01 March 2018

**NEW RESEARCH** The Legacy Opportunity: Strategies for Success

RootAgainst the backdrop of accelerating market decline, a fundamental redefinition of the role, scope and focus of Applications Management (AM) services is now essential if this trend is to be stemmed and reversed. Time is very much of the essence.

Click here to download The Legacy Opportunity: Strategies for Success for insights into how both the dynamics of the AM market are changing and suppliers must respond.

For the last two decades, the support, maintenance and management of legacy applications has been a key source of revenue and stability for the majority of SI’s and Offshore players. A dramatic downward drop in market pricing, coupled with both a step-change up in customer service expectations and stringent cuts in legacy investments have combined to create a market inflection. The viability of this traditional bulwark of the AS world is under threat as never before.

Tectonic market shifts demand radical, rapid responses. Simply attempting to deliver today’s services better and cheaper through both more extreme off-shoring and the automation of current processes is not the answer. It will generate neither sufficient value nor the quality improvements necessary to satisfy the collective needs of either buyers and sellers.  

This is the market context for the latest research from the ESASViews stream. The Legacy Opportunity: Strategies for Success report provides insight and analysis into the challenges facing suppliers over the coming years, what they need to do to be successful and highlights ways to win in the longer term.

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