Tuesday 20 March 2018

Great British Scaleup: Mvine

logoWe first encountered GBS participant Mvine at our Little British Battler event in April 2014. They have since shown significant tenacity and entrepreneurial zeal, developing proprietary technology and exploring several exciting market opportunities. They are now focused on the crucial question of Federated Identity Management which could transform the company or lead to Mvine being snapped up by a larger business.

gbsCentral to Mvine’s strategy is its ability to deliver highly secure collaborative environments, enabling the trusted transfer of information across ecosystems. This has enabled Mvine to build collaboration propositions for trading floors, financial advisors, pay-day lenders and governmental organisations. Sustained success has however been elusive as Mvine lacked the resources to build sufficient momentum in targeted areas and as management avoided commodity-style businesses where vanilla scale-plays (like Microsoft, Box and Google) could overwhelm them.

Digital Identity now presents a major opportunity. Building on its secure collaborative environment, Mvine has developed the concept of Federated Identity Management with its technology being able to deal with multiple personas and complex profiles as shown in a three-year contract with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). Mvine is now positioning itself as a trusted provider of Digital Identity hubs and Digital Identity attribute exchanges to commercial organisations. Mvine is leveraging the Gov.UK Verify service as it seeks to be a primary source of identity for a wide range of services. Mvine is also integrating other national identity schemes and working with large telco operators.

Mvine is currently looking to Gov.UK Verify to establish new momentum and be adopted by private sector organisations. The company may also benefit from a change of structure to optimise its approach to this opportunity. As this market evolves, Mvine’s resilience and core capability provide a strong bedrock for it to realise its scale-up potential.

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