Friday 01 May 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Financial Services SITS "Prospects for a Post COVID-19 World"

C19Until a few weeks ago, TechMarketView's research theme of "Digital Chaos" suitably captured the pressing imperative for end-users and SITS providers alike. Now it is the disruptive impact of COVID-19 that has leapt to the top of the corporate agenda

The coronavirus pandemic is a truly "seismic" event and the number one factor testing established business models and technology ecosystems alike. Notwithstanding the human and social cost of the coronavirus, the post COVID-19 world looks likely to be a very different place for financial services.

The coronavirus has already become one of the top drivers of technology innovation and digital transformation initiatives. It is clear that timelines and technology roadmaps are set for a radical overhaul, once we are all released from lockdown.

UK Financial Services SITS "Prospects for a Post COVID-19 World" discusses the priorities and pitfalls and explores the significant impact that the coronavirus is set to have on the future of the industry.

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