Friday 01 May 2020

Shares in April 20

WOW What a month

It seems quite surreal to read headlines like ‘US stocks have biggest monthly rally since 1987’ or 'UK blue chips in a bull market’. Surely we are in the very midst of the worst health crisis to hit in our lifetimes? Isn’t every analyst suggesting we are on the verge of (in the midst of?) one of the worst recessions - maybe depressions - ever?

NASDAQ was up an amazing 13.2% in Apr - erasing almost all of the losses in 2020 YTD. It wasn’t quite so good outside of tech though. The FTSE100, which although up 4% in April, is still a massive 22% down YTD.

The FTSE SCS Index, which most closely tracks the publicly quoted Software & IT Services companies that we track, was up 9.3% in April - so not quite in Bull territory yet and still down 20% YTD. At least the telco stocks managed to HVPhalt the slide - but are still down nearly 30% YTD.

Over 85% of the stocks we track recorded gains in April.

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Posted by Richard Holway at '12:14'