Sunday 31 May 2020

Share Indices - May 20

Shares May 20So we are in the midst of the most serious global pandemic. The world, including the UK and US, are facing the worst recession - maybe even depression - in our lifetime. But EVERY one of the indices we follow was in ‘positive territory’ in May. Indeed, NASDAQ is now up 4.6% YTD. As I wrote on 9th May 20 Big Tech seems to be having a good COVID-19...

We receive so many stories of companies doing more to embrace ‘Digital’ in 5 weeks than they have in 5 years. Many of those that have made that leap have not only survived but prospered. I do not think they will return to life BC. The same applies to the many companies that have embraced Working FROM Home. Having made the investment to equip employees for home-working they have since found that, not only has productivity not been affected (indeed often improved) but staff now really don’t want to go back to the old ways. This will have huge effects on the economy - the HVPneed for public transport and City office space in particular.

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Posted by Richard Holway at '13:42'