Friday 22 May 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* COVID-19 Vulnerability and Resilience: Top 20 Suppliers

TechMarketView continues to publish analysis that gets to the very heart of how the UK market and industry are coping as the pandemic continues.cov

Today we launch our COVID-19 Vulnerability and Resilience: Top 20 SITS Suppliers analysis. It is a unique look at how the larger providers of Software and IT Service providers have responded, and how well placed they are to survive and thrive. Compiled by our expert analysts, it gives an easy-to-digest summary of their position across eight areas: Pre-COVID Financial Strength, Industry Focus, Supply Chain, Remote working ability, Revenue model, Talent retention, Business model agility, and Corporate conduct.

Some of the findings are heartening, and demonstrate the thoughtful approaches taken thus far. Likewise, the analysis shows that a highly considered approach must be taken to navigate the coming months and quarters; some customers are facing collapse, and certain sectors face structural changes, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The analysis is available to corporate subscribers here: COVID-19 Vulnerability and Resilience: Top 20 SITS Suppliers.

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