Tuesday 02 June 2020

Latest TechMarketView Research

TMV logoMay was another very busy month here at TechMarketView. Over the month our expert analyst team wrote nearly 200 UKHotViews articles, keeping you abreast of daily developments in a fast-changing UK tech market. But UKHotViews is just the appetiser – we also published a host of reports and more in-depth UKHotViewsExtra articles for our many subscription clients. 

We’ve only got space to list key reports below – click the title to access the report if you subscribe (remember to login first!). If you don’t currently have a corporate subscription and you’d like details of our 2020 packages, contact Deb Seth ( for more details.


Report imageCOVID-19 Vulnerability and Resilience: Top 20 SITS Suppliers – analysing the largest Top 20 providers of Software and IT Services to the UK market against eight key characteristics for prospering during the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which suppliers are best positioned?

COVID 19: Impact on UK Tech Suppliers– A TechMarketView Snapshot Survey - taking the pulse of the UK tech sector to see how suppliers are coping with impact of COVID-19 on their business during lockdown. What is their view on the outlook?

COVID-19: The impact on UK public sector software and IT services (PublicSectorViews) - Examining the impact COVID-19 has had on central government, local government, health, defence, education and police with predictions for the impact over the remainder of 2020 and longer term, as well as our recommendations for suppliers.

UK Financial Services SITS "Prospects for a Post-COVID-19 World" (FinancialServicesViews) - COVID-19 has already become one of the top drivers within UK financial services SITS, in terms of technology innovation and digital transformation initiatives.What are the major priorities for both end-users and SITS providers in the sector and what is the likely impact of the coronavirus over the short and longer term?

Cloud and Infrastructure Services Supplier Prospects 2020 and beyond (TechSectorViews) – analysing the ten leading players (by revenue) in the UK Infrastructure Services market. What will need to do to be successful this year and beyond? What are the potential hurdles that will prevent suppliers reaching their potential in the short and mid-term?

Digital Marketplace Dashboards P12 2019-20 (PublicSectorViews) – analysing key sales data from the UK public sector’s G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes & Specialists frameworks; which suppliers have won the most business through the frameworks & where?

IndustryViews Corporate Activity Q1 2020 (Foundation Service) - Our quarterly review of the UK software & IT services M&A scene. How was merger and acquisition activity in the sector affected by the COVID-19 pandemic during Q1 2020? 

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