Thursday 09 June 2022

*UKHotViewsExtra* MOD sets Science & Technology agenda

Ministry of Defence logo (black and white)In the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Command Paper, published in March last year, we saw a commitment to an investment of £6.6b on research and development to support “game-changing technology” across Strategic Command (the organisation that manages allocated joint capabilities from the three armed services). Yesterday, the Defence Science & Technology Portfolio was launched, confirming that £2b of the £6.6b would be directed to R&D funding between now and 2026. That funding will support a series of ambitious new programmes across defence, with a pivot towards “key capability challenges” and “high-risk generation-after-next research in emerging and little understood technologies”. 

UKHotViewsPremium logo (looks like gold medal "a subscription for individuals"In our latest UKHotViewsExtra article - MOD reveals Science & Technology agenda - TechMarketView subscribers can read our assessment of the opportunities that are set to transpire, the implications of a blurring of the boundaries between the battlefield and the HQ or back office, and the potential challenges ahead. If you are not yet a subscriber or are unsure whether your company has a corporate subscription with us, please contact Deb Seth to find out how to access this and more.

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