Monday 27 June 2022

*UKHotViewsExtra* Online car finance lender Carmoola drives off with new funding

Part of the challenge when you’re in a fiercely competitive market like vehicle finance is getting people to find your website, even if they know your name.

logoCase in point, Carmoola, which I promised to circle back on a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about online car leasing marketplace, moneyshake (see Car leasing marketplace moneyshake shakes backers' wallets).

When I googled ‘carmoola’, four of its competitors, carfinance247, dekopay, carloans-365 and carmoney, headed up the search results with paid ads. I guess Carmoola founder and CEO Aidan Rushby has yet to cross GoogleAds’ palm with the appropriate amount of silver to secure his place at the top of the search result rankings.

I had a long chat with Carmoola’s founder last week. TechMarketView subscription service clients and UKHotViews Premium subscribers can read more on UKHotViews Extra.

Posted by Anthony Miller at '17:58' - Tagged: startup