Thursday 09 June 2022

*UKHotViewsExtra* Government Roadmap for Digital & Data: What’s new?

Flourishing an array of phrases - like “new era”, “step change”, and “immense potential” – the UK Government has, today, published its 2022 to 2025 Roadmap for Digital and Data: Transforming for a Digital Future. There is a great eagerness to show that, with the adoption of a new roadmap, Government can accelerate its digital transformation journey and effect a real and measurable impact on citizens, on civil servants, and on its own efficiency and security, and on its ability to implement Government policy such as Levelling Up and Net Zero.

Having lived through numerous iterations of ICT, digital, and transforming government strategies over the years, my starting point, now, is always: What’s new? What haven’t we heard before? What’s likely to change? Is any of it achievable?

IUKHotViewsExtra Premium logon my view, a few things have changed.

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