Wednesday 10 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* Time for AI-enabled Cobots and Industry 5.0?

Cobot and Industry 5.0 report coverIn case you missed it, TechMarketView has been exploring the area of Augmented Intelligence recently – a human-friendly approach to AI/ML where the role of the technology is to collaborate, aid and amplify human capabilities. Our latest research takes a view through an industry lens, looking at AI/ML-enabled collaborative robots - cobots - within manufacturing and their position within the emerging Industry 5.0 concept.

Cobots are a class of small form-factor AI/ML-enabled robots specifically designed to work with human operators within shared physical workspaces, participating in interactive and collaborative workflows. Built to be ‘smarter’ than traditional industrial robots, more adaptable, as well as safer and more sensitive to their environment – including their human co-workers – their role is to aid and augment human workers. 

Industry 5.0, which builds on Industry 4.0 technologies, is centred on humanising technology and is an emerging production model where the focus lies on the interaction between humans and machines. It puts the wellbeing of the human workforce at the centre of the production process but also looks to the wider use of technology, for societal good and sustainability. 

When you bring cobots and Industry 5.0 together new technology and industry edges and intersections are created, which equates to new opportunities for software and IT services providers. 

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