Thursday 04 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* CyberViews Q2 2022

Since taking on the role of leading TechMarketView’s Cybersecurity research in April I have been exploring the best ways to bring our readers relevant and timely insight across what is a broad and constantly changing area.

This CyberViews report is a new format we are trialling to bring together the many disparate pieces of news and data from across the market over the past few months and provide some useful insight into the current market trends and drivers. It will also look beyond the UK to global events as geographic boundaries means little to cyber threats.CyberViews

This quarter we are looking at the continuing threat of Ransomware and the changes to the threat landscape with LockBit still the #1 threat, but also ransomware gang Conti abandoning its operations and dispersing into smaller threat actors.

The industrial sector still remains the prime target for cyber attacks according to data from NCC Group. Operational technologies and legacy systems are at increasing risk of attack, with Supply chain organisations now at a heightened risk level. Meanwhile Oil and Gas companies are pledging to band together to focus on building cyber resilience across the industry.

We have also seen a range of attacks during Q2, including double extortion tactics at Bandai Namco, a National emergency in Costa Rica due to a cyber incident, and attacks on logistics, food providers and housing associations in the UK. Cyber security vendors are taking full advantage of these rising threats, many growing double digits or higher. 

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