Wednesday 10 August 2022

*UKHotViews Extra* Residently’s quest for the magic 20% market share

My preferred definition of ‘disruption’ as applied to an industry or market is where ‘a company or technology causes radical change by means of innovation’. ‘Innovation’ can mean a new method, idea, product, technology, etc. But note that ‘radical change’ does not imply success, let alone domination.

logoEntrepreneur Tom Allason dreams of disrupting the global home rental industry with his latest venture, Residently. The way he hopes to do this is by pulling together various strands of the industry to create what he believes will be the world’s first transactional home rental marketplace.

I spoke to Allason after he responded to my post on Residently's recent funding round (see Proptech Residently turfs private landlords as raises more dosh). I was confused as to what exactly he was aiming to achieve and how. Allason has an impressive track record as an entrepreneur, having founded delivery service Shutl, which he sold to ebay for ‘a nine-figure sum’.

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