Friday 23 June 2023

*UKHotViewsExtra* XAI helps banks avoid the hype and focus on their business challenges

AI offers significant opportunities to address some very real business challenges. However, the explosion of hype around ChatGPT threatens to potentially distract from the progress that is being made in that regard. Similarly, the understandable risks and concern associated with “black box” type AI propositions (where it is almost impossible for the user to evaluate the process), has the potential to tar this whole area of technology with the same brush. 

HVPOf course, not all AI is opaque and risk-laden. In fact currently, some of the most persuasive offerings out there are in the field of Explainable AI (or XAI as it is increasingly called). Indeed regulators are increasingly mandating that institutions be able to explain automated decisions that affect their customers.

TechMarketView subscribers, including UKHotViewsPremium customers, can learn more by downloading XAI helps banks avoid the hype and focus on their business challenges. This latest UKHotViewsExtra discusses some of the parallels between AI and the emergence of other potentially transformative technologies and highlights real-world use cases that are emerging from within financial services. 

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