Friday 02 June 2023

TechMarketView: Forging insights in complex market areas

tmvTechMarketView prides itself in developing a clear understanding of complex market challenges. So far in 2023, our clients have been able to access a range of research outputs that take difficult topics – and emerging market areas – and create insightful market data and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Examples of Q1 data-led research from our TechSectorViews programme include:

Data Insights is available to our clients as part of an exciting set of new research formats for 2023:teas

  • Data Insights: Brand new data on UK-specific, high-growth markets – with specific pointers on how to capitalise as a supplier
  • Disruptors & Innovators: With our unique understanding of the UK, we bring our insights into the most exciting and disruptive players hitting the market
  • Emerging Markets Briefing: Analysis of the most important emerging trends and opportunities, underpinned by real-life examples from our end user community.

See here for more recent research examples, all of which aim to tackle complex concepts and markets and produce analysis that is easy to understand and apply to your own business:

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And, as ever, if you would like to understand the specific implications for your own organisation, contact Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan, about an engagement.

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