Monday 18 December 2023

*NEW RESEARCH* COP28’s Call to Arms for the Tech Industry

The 28th UN Climate Change Conference (more commonly known as COP28) finallCOP28's Call to Arms for the Tech Industryy concluded its business on 13th December 2023, with consensus reached on text detailing climate measures that all 198 participating countries could sign up to.

Most of the media scrabble in the dying days of negotiations focusing on the “will they / won’t they” tussle surrounding the proposed inclusion (or otherwise) of a reference to phasing out fossil fuels. In the end, the declaration called on countries to “transition away” from their reliance on fossil fuels (at least “in energy systems”, with a question mark over continued use in heavy industries).

So, what does this wording (and the “global stocktake” of all the measures in train since the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015) mean for the UK’s software and IT services suppliers (and their customers)?

A new Emerging Market Briefing report under our Sustainability stream of research: COP28’s Call to Arms for the Tech Industry – Implications and Opportunities for UK SITS Suppliers and their Customers explores where technology can play a part in helping countries meet their renewed environmental obligations (specifically around data – collection, disclosure, and action, biodiversity and habitat protection in support of carbon removal, enabling renewables, greening IT, and making buildings smarter). If you do not currently have access to TechMarketView’s sustainability research, or would like to learn more about this report please contact Deb Seth for more information.

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