Monday 04 December 2023

TechMarketView announces Senior Leadership Team

TechMarketView is delighted to announce that Senior Research Directors, Dale Peters and Marc Hardwick, will be joining the company’s newly formed Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Marc and DaleFollowing a Management Buyout in the Summer by existing management (Tola Sargeant, Georgina O’Toole, Deb Seth, and Kate Hanaghan), the Senior Leadership Team has been formed to drive forward specific strategic initiatives. These will largely be focused on improving the customer experience by broadening our portfolio and creating new ways to absorb our insights.

Dale Peters will be celebrating seven years at TechMarketView in January. He leads the PublicSectorViews research programme having worked in public sector technology since 2002. Alongside his invaluable experience, Dale’s drive for excellence and his ability to deliver insightful analysis from swathes of data makes him incredibly popular with clients.

Marc Hardwick celebrated six years with TechMarketView in October. He is a Senior Research Director within the TechSectorViews research programme focusing on user experiences, automation, and Business Process Services. Marc is a hugely experienced analyst with a range of senior roles under his belt. Furthermore, his ability to deliver complex projects has delighted customers over the years.

TechMarketView’s research focus in areas such as Sustainability, AI, Customer Experience, Cyber, and Automation has proved invaluable to our clients in 2023. Our unique insight into the various distinct areas of the UK public sector market, and our understanding of the large and complex UK Financial Services market, has helped guide suppliers and buyers alike as they navigate change and transformation. The SLT will drive forward exciting initiatives in 2024 making sure customers continue to leverage an even richer selection of analysis, advisory services, and project work to support their important strategic decisions.

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