Tuesday 19 December 2023

*NEW RESEARCH* The legal landscape for ESG

The Legal Landscape for ESGWe’ve seen numerous pieces of new, environmental sustainability-related legislation make it onto the statute books across various territories of late (and existing ones tighten their rules and widen their scope)—some triggered by recent COP (UN climate conference) agreements; some bound to be affected (in scope and speed) by COP28’s commitment to “transition away” from fossil fuels. 

This is all contributing to a rather anxious atmosphere amongst organisations newly caught in the reporting net (or soon to be so), something of a funding frenzy in startup circles, and an arms race amongst more established players as more and more tools and platforms join the fray—each looking to offer their own niche take on how to solve the problem… or at least a part of it.

A new Emerging Market Briefing report under our Sustainability stream of research: The Legal Landscape for ESG - Carrots and Sticks at the Heart of Sustainability Policy looks at the various policy and legal frameworks, and emerging standards, in the field of environmental social governance (ESG) reporting—in the UK, across Europe, and in the US.

We analyse the implications for organisations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors (when they’re likely to be impacted, and how; and where their SITS technology partners can help customers turn a bane into a boon by capitalising on the data they collect). If you do not currently have access to TechMarketView’s sustainability research, or would like to learn more about this report please contact Deb Seth for more information.

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