Monday 06 December 2021

Building Resilience: Predictions for 2022

For almost two years, we have all had to sustain a level of personal and business resilience beyond anything we ever expected. So many of us have ‘dug deep’ and, indeed, continue to press on through the uncertainties as we approach the end of one year and the start of another.

In business, corporate resilience took on a new meaning in 2021. In sectors such as travel and hospitality, we saw incredible innovation and collaboration as businesses sought to bring revenue streams back to life - unaware of when ‘normality’ might return. Meanwhile in Government, the nation’s resilience was tested as the economy was disrupted, supply chains were impacted, and systems, procedures and processes were placed under incredible strain. tease

After such an experience, we cannot expect a return to the way things were. Furthermore, we expect - and indeed urge - organisations to re-assess their modus operandi and examine the ways in which they can infuse greater resilience across the board.

TechMarketView’s Research Theme for 2022 is Building Resilience. Resiliency has many aspects, and our theme reflects the need to prepare not only for low-probability, high-impact events (such as a pandemic) but for the day-to-day as well. Over the course of 2022, we expect this increased focus on resilience to result in an increased reliance on technology in decision making, in the design of new offerings, in the delivery of goods and services, and in internal and external communications. As such, tech suppliers will find themselves at the heart of ensuring organisations are fit for the future.

Against this backdrop - and starting from tomorrow - TechMarketView will be releasing its Predictions for 2022. Clients will be able to read both our broad market Top Ten Predictions, and our specific Predictions for both the Public Sector and the Financial Services sector. Stay tuned this week…..

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