Thursday 16 December 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra* A very human perspective from Unit4

Unit4 logoUnit4 has long talked about the ‘people experience’ and invested heavily in its ERPx platform to deliver it. The reality of what that means was shared at the recent X4U event where it was clear there is a very human perspective, a viewpoint that is coming to the forefront of individual and corporate consciences. And as you can see from our TechMarketView Top Ten Tech Predictions, the humanisation of tech is one of the trends we expect to see more of during 2022.

With deepening interest in the ‘human experience’ Unit4 is exploring the concept of how we can be better versions of ourselves, as organisations and as individuals. Tech-supported productivity and efficiency have not been abandoned but its perspective is that there is more to how we function than that. COVID-driven experiences are playing a marked role, with Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling highlighting the “great acceleration” – towards hybrid events and work modes, that are influencing house buying trends as individuals realise they have more choice about where and how they live and work, and the related accelerated level of resignations as individuals look for a better work/life balance. For their part, organisations are also adapting in order to position themselves to thrive and improving the employee experience (EX) is an important part of that. 

For more on Unit4 and the human-side of tech, TechMarketView subscribers can read A very human perspective from Unit4 in HotViewsExtra. You can contact Deb Seth to find out more about our research and related services if you don’t have a subscription.

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