Monday 13 December 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra*: FlyForm delivers on profits and purpose

ffThere are two very striking aspects to Cardiff-headquartered Elite ServiceNow partner, FlyForm. Firstly, the company is growing incredibly strongly. Secondly, at its heart is the belief that a company can operate in a highly socially responsible way and still achieve financial success.

Next year, revenue is set to almost double from this year’s £11m. The company (which became a full-time pursuit for co-founders Phil Davies and Arron Davies in 2017) has been the recipient of a variety of awards, including being named the fastest growing technology and digital business in Wales by Fast Growth 50.

The market for ServiceNow licences/services is extremely fast-growing. ServiceNow itself continues to grow apace (see Q3 results herald stellar year for ServiceNow) and many of those within its partner ecosystem are enjoying the benefits of very buoyant market conditions. That said, FlyForm is growing faster than (or has caught up with) many of those players. As an Elite partner, it ‘bumps up against’ many of the UK’s large services players, including fellow Elite partners Fujitsu and Atos, and Global Elite providers such as Deloitte. It is fair to say FlyForm is making a name for itself while delighting customers (with high customer satisfaction scores as measured by ServiceNow).

With a strong focus in UK Public Sector, FlyForm is absolutely motoring at the moment. So what is the secret to its success and what might its future look like?

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