Wednesday 22 December 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Augmented Intelligence: Developments and Directions

Augmented Intelligence report cover imageDuring our research, we’ve seen the frequency of terms such as human-centric technology, human experience, a human centred approach to AI/ML and ambient intelligence increase. And in our Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2022 we highlighted how Augmented Intelligence is moving the ‘humanisation’ of technology forward. 

This is an emerging approach to AI/ML technologies. Augmented Intelligence is not so much a market segment as an indication of the way AI/ML is evolving and how use cases are changing. TechMarketView believes suppliers should be mindful of this development when forward planning (strategies, resources, training, product and service development) so as to avoid capability gaps that could undermine the ability to meet customers’ ever evolving requirements. It is also positioned to play an influential role in the ’office/home-office of the now’ as organisations and individuals adjust to different ways of working.

In our report Augmented Intelligence: Developments and Directions, we examine how the Augmented Intelligence approach is influencing the way systems are designed, how it is impacting skills development and the workplace; and considerations for suppliers as they prepare for this next phase of AI /ML development.

If you are a TechSectorViews subscriber you can download the report here, if not you can contact Deb Seth who can provide information about how to access this report and our full range of services.

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