Tuesday 07 December 2021

TechMarketView’s Top Ten Tech Predictions

Today TechMarketView launches its Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2022, compiled by our TechSectorViews analyst team.

Drawing on our research theme for next year, Building Resilience, the Predictions consider the role of new and emerging technology in supporting the drive for greater resilience. Resiliency relates to many factors, and ensuring an organisation is ‘fit for the future’ is not an overnight task; and it is not just about technology, but purpose and people too.  front cover

The Predictions consider some of the most pressing challenges facing the market, including governance, skills, and supply chain restraints, and explain how some of these issues might be resolved. There are broader challenges too, such as the sustainability imperative and how approaches such as Augmented Intelligence are contributing to the humanisation of tech.  

From the second half of 2020, we saw a bounce back in Software and IT Services spend as organisations responded accordingly having emerged from the response phase of the pandemic. What the pandemic has not done is halt the focus many firms have on growth. Indeed, TechMarketView’s analysis of 2021 data - combined with our work with tech buyers - indicates that it has been a bumper year for the SITS market. 

However, behind the scenes, some organisartions are ‘unpicking’ certain approaches rapidly put in place as an immediate response to the lockdowns and pandemic. More generally, consideration is being given to resiliency in its broadest sense (tech and non-tech) - including important issues such as social value, long-term skills development, excellence in customer experience, data literacy, and cyber safety. These remain ongoing challenges that many will endeavour to tackle in 2022.

TechSectorViews clients can read the Predictions in full here: Top Ten Tech Predictions 2022.

On Thursday and Friday we publish our Predictions for the Financial Services and Public Sector verticals respectively.

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