Tuesday 10 December 2019

**NEW** Taming Digital Chaos: Top Ten Predictions for 2020

In 2020, TechMarketView’s research theme will examine how organisations can attempt to tame the Digital Chaos many of them now face (see Launching TechMarketView 2020 Research Theme: Digital Chaos).

The race to digitally transform has often been characterised by fast-paced anarchy. The upshot has been a proliferation of digital point solutions with limited integration – with most organisations falling way short of being able to fulfill the real potential offered by genuine complex digital transformation.

So what does “good” look like? TechMarketView is of the opinion that the ultimate digital entity must be able to operate in real-time, and must be connected, event/outcome-driven, interactive, insightful and trusted. But getting to this point requires a fundamental re-evaluation of organisational objectives, existing tech investments, and partner ecosystems.


As we start 2020, TechMarketView believes more organisations will start to take the first major step towards taming Digital Chaos. However, 2020 will still be a year characterised by challenge as leaders seek to unlock the power of data (while increasing its protection), tackle ever-more complex security issues, and create a far more superior digital experience for a range of stakeholders.

This year, TechMarketView has taken a different approach to our Predictions, focusing in on the ten key points where we expect to see challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Our Top Ten Predictions for 2020 span our research coverage areas, but in particular play to the themes that we believe define the ultimate digital entity:

  1. Outcome measures and “gain share” come of age

  2. Heritage revisionism gathers momentum

  3. Organisations will work harder to win trust and data protection compliance

  4. Strategic investments will drive omnipresent digital experiences

  5. AI/ML starts to explain itself

  6. Self-serve frameworks start to provide a necessary antidote to complexity

  7. IoT, edge and mobile create their own security chaos

  8. Continuous co-creativity becomes the hallmark of an effective ecosystem

  9. Automation gets “back to basics”

  10. Data Fabric will surface as the information architecture of our time

TechMarketView clients can download our Top Ten Predictions in full, here: TechMarketView Top Ten Predictions 2020.

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