Tuesday 17 December 2019

**NEW RESEARCH** Financial Services Predictions 2020

As we look forward to 2020, it’s clear that the impact on the financial services sector of disruptive innovation is set to intensify across all segments. Technology led transformation will increasingly accelerate the adoption of new business models and further challenge traditional approaches.

2020TechMarketView's Financial Services Predictions 2020 considers some of the changes that the industry is likely to experience over the next twelve months and beyond, in the face of widespread, technology driven transformation.

With our research theme of "Digital Chaos" in mind, it's clear that the financial services sector has already learned some important lessons from being at the forefront of change. While it would be wrong to suggest that all is now perfectly coordinated within the industry, there is at least a widespread recognition of the challenge that lies ahead.

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Posted by Jon C Davies at '07:50' - Tagged: predictions   insurance   banking