Monday 16 December 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* Capita’s transformation programme in practice – A new consulting business

CapitaCapita is now more than 18 months into its transformation programme and this article is the second in a two-part series exploring what that actually looks like in practice ‘on-the-ground’, using two very different parts of Capita to illustrate how things are changing. 

This case study looks at the development of Capita’s new Consulting business and what this might mean for the wider business. 

Patrick GormleyWe spent some time recently with Patrick Gormley – Leader, Industry Consulting and Offering Development, to talk through Capita’s consulting offer and how the business is being developed to offer the market something different.

You’ve been running and developing Capita’s new consulting business since the beginning of the year. How have you found the role?

It’s been truly interesting with some surprises along the way, thankfully mostly pleasant. I have been amazed at the traction we have got in the market for hiring. The first nine months here has been mainly about building the team, most of which has been built from scratch. We now have almost all the senior team in place, which is way ahead of where we thought we would be and crucially we have not had to compromise on the quality of the talent that we are hiring, which is coming in from ‘top tier’ organisations. 

This has all been really encouraging with a lot of interest from the market and of course talent attracts talent - which has given us a pipeline of individuals who really buy into what we are doing and the wider Capita story. This has allowed us to get ahead of where we planned to be at this stage. 

We hope to be 300 strong by the end of the year, which also includes some capability from previously acquired companies that have now been rolled into the consulting business. This includes the digital design agency OrangeBus, which was acquired a few years ago and is now a key part of our experience practice. This has been supplemented by the appointment of Fabian Wong who has joined from Deloitte Digital as our new Head of Experience & Design. This give us a strong group of senior digital strategists from which to build. We have also integrated another acquisition Barrachd – a highly regarded analytics business into our Data Science practice led by Doug Brown who is the Chief Data Scientist here. 

The strong growth on the resource and capability side will continue as the plan is to double in size over the over the next twelve months or so.

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